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A Guide To Jean Designs   by Admin

Bleached, brushed, crinkled, burned; what does it all mean? Here's our guide to special effects that may feature on your jeans:

Bleach effects are made by applying a bleach product on the jeans with a brush. This is a laborious and time-consuming job and, quite often, up to 120 brush strokes are needed to create the right used look. Jeans can also be bleached in a stone wash procedure.

Breaks are those little worn areas on your jeans. Sometimes they are just frayed edges or seams and other times they are actual holes. Breaks can be made in different ways, either by using a sanding machine or by washing with large stones for a long period of time.

The brushed effect is part of the after treatment. The thighs and seat are scrubbed with a heavy electric brush to fade the edges of the treatment areas in order to create a natural, worn look.

The burned effect describes the burned areas that give the jeans a raw, industrial look.  It is created by hand, by burning the surface of the jeans with an oxy-hydrogen flame.

During the indigo-dying of the thread, different nuances can be added to the blue colour – or different types of casts such as red, yellow and green. This creates an interesting array of colours and effects in the finished product.

The crinkle effect is an after treatment that gives the jeans a crinkled or wrinkled look. It is achieved by dipping the jeans in starch, crinkling them and then baking them in the oven to permanently fix the treatment.

The dirt effect is a special used look created by painting the jeans manually with a brush. In essence, making them look dirty.
Laser can be used to create a used effect such as the moustache. The laser ray makes very precise burns on the fabric to achieve a worn look. The powerful laser beam can easily burn through even the deepest, darkest denim.

The moustache creates the illusion that the jeans have already been worn. This effect is achieved using several different techniques. First, light ”scratches” are made on the thigh for example, using a piece of sand paper. Then the edges of the areas are faded using several after treatments until the jeans have an authentic used look. The moustache is in the most commonly used form of after treatment.

Most jeans styles are sandblasted. This is done by hand to ensure the jeans are worn in just the right places. During the sandblasting process, the blue indigo surface is worn off and a lighter, worn look is achieved.

The fabric is scraped with sand paper to create a used look. 

Stone wash:
This literally means washing the jeans with stones. All vintage look jeans are washed with up to 80 kg of stones per 130 pairs of jeans. Different types and sizes of stones are used depending on the desired effect.

This effect gives the jeans a crinkled look in selected areas. The effect is created by spraying a resin-like starch on the fabric, folding it by hand, fixing the folds with clips, and then baking the jeans in the oven at 150-160 degrees.


This article was published on Tuesday 22 September, 2009.
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